Grinding and dressing tools

KAPP NILES as a manufacturer of gear and profile grinding machines offers highly developed technologies with various tool concepts adapted to the respective task.

The product range in the tool sector includes dressing tools for dressing vitrified bonded grinding tools and non-dressable grinding tools with CBN- and diamond coating.

Dressing tools can be used for the following processes:

We offer dressing rolls in galvanic positive and negative versions for the generating grinding. These are used for flexible, workpiece-bonded or topological dressing of vitrified bonded corundum grinding worms.

For the profile grinding process we offer diamond form rolls in sintered design. In addition to the economical version with natural diamond, the durable version with set CVD diamond plates is also used. Our diamond form rolls can be reground several times and are characterized by a long tool life.

Diamond dressing gears are available for gear honing. These bring the correct tooth geometry quickly and accurately into the corresponding honing ring and guarantee the quality desired at the component.

In addition to the dressing tools, CBN and diamond grinding tools have been part of our product range for over 40 years. We manufacture non-dressable, electroplated single-layer CBN- and diamond tools for finishing of gears and profiles. The tools are characterized by long tool life, accuracy and regrindable bodies and are among the top products worldwide. They are used when the highest demands are placed on quality, performance and economy. The CBN coating can be renewed more than 50 times, thus contributing to the conservation of resources.

On request, tools can be equipped with RFID chips, which enables integration into a tool data management system such as KN assist.

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KAPP NILES is a globally operating group of companies with high-quality and economical solutions for finishing gears and profiles and is partner for companies from numerous industrial sectors in the segments mobility, automation and energy. The perfect interaction between machines, tools, and technologies enables extremely precise machining to a thousandth millimetre.

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